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Monday, July 6, 2020

The Walden Post, a nonprofit online magazine

The Walden Post is an advertisement free and therefore nonprofit online magazine focusing a sustainable lifestyle. The magazine sparks personal ecological leadership in a positive way. NO FINGER-WAGGING! For anyone seeking information about self sufficient living and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, The Walden Post is a source of future signals, news, knowledge and inspiration gathered from the internet. Would you like to get an overview of the latest articles in your email every week on Friday morning? Please leave your email and name in the box below.

About Cees ten Thije

I’m an Amsterdam, the Netherlands, based entrepreneurial, all-round experiential coach, trainer working with various coaching and training agency’s and a facilitator of change, design and futures thinking and co-owner of Business Being Human, an experiential change agency. I’m holding a MA in Art History. I love hiking in the mountains, woods or flatland, sailing, cooking and gardening. Now and then I facilitate hiking journeys of self discovery in nature. The Walden Post is a hobby project for me. All I want is inspiring others and becoming inspired about self sufficient living and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. You’re welcome to connect with me on Linkedin.

Why Walden?

In 1910 my great-great granduncle Jan van Dok had plans to participate in Frederik van Eedens Walden Colony or Community in North Carolina, USA. Due to circumstances this community never really took off. Years ago this story, when I first heard about it, and Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden; or Life in the Woods, gave me the inspiration to deep dive in cooperations, edible gardens and self sufficient living. But I never brought my ideas and learnings to life. During Covid-19 these ideas became alive and well.


I believe Covid-19 will act as a catalyst for the localization and sustainability movement. With The Walden Post I want to make a positive contribution to this movement.

About the content and IP infringement

The Walden Post is a content aggregator website. The Walden Post collects and distributes content on self sufficient living and a sustainable lifestyle from a variety of sources. Concerning IP infringement I follow these rules as best as I can: https://webpublisherpro.com/guidelines-content-aggregation/. In case you feel your IP rights are infringed, please reach out to me by email: ceestenthije@waldenpost.com. I’m open to any ideas and conversation on how I can improve and safeguard your rights, and on how I can help you getting your message or content across in an appealing way.