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Engineering A Circular Food Economy

Food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s GHG emissions but is often left out of the climate change conversation. Urban farming shows great potential...

Key Differences Of Growing Vegetables vs. Cannabis Indoors

The similarities and differences between growing cannabis and vegetables indoors...Read More

Urban Crop Solutions Launches ModuleX Plant Factory – With a Focus On the Customer Journey

Urban Crop Solutions launches their new ModuleX Plant Factory...Read More

5 Sites to Help You Find Dreamy Environmentally Friendly Homes

The U.S. Green Building Council claims that “more than half of consumers rank green and energy-efficiency as top requirements for their next homes.” Sound...

From Carbon Neutral to Carbon Positive: How Your Home Can Give Back to the Planet and You!

Carbon positive homes take the concept of carbon-neutral design one step further by producing more energy on-site than the building requires to operate --...

Achieving Efficiency And Sustainability In The Cannabis Industry

Increasing efficiency and sustainability in the cannabis industry...Read More

Pure Harvest Farms Partners With Kuwaiti Retailer To Build Hi-Tech Farm

Kuwait's The Sultan Center ties up with Abu Dhabi's Pure Harvest for 'hi-tech' farm...Read More

Winner of Second Urban Greenhouse Challenge Announced

The students of Team Bagua are the winners of the second edition of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge. Their design of an urban greenhouse not only provides...

Lufa Farms Opens World’s Largest Commercial Rooftop Greenhouse

World's biggest rooftop greenhouse, Lufa Farms, opens in Montreal...Read More

USDA Announces First-Ever Recipients of Urban Agriculture Grants

The USDA announced the selection of recipients for about $4.1 million ingrants and cooperative agreements through its new Office of UrbanAgriculture and Innovative Production....

The Urban Farm Rethinking The Use Of Space in São Paulo

Urban farming has gained popularity in Brazil, but the market is still very niche and prices still high, making it difficult for consumers to afford these...

Agtech Startup iFarm Raises $4M For Automated Indoor Farming

iFarm, a startup that provides innovative solutions for growing fresh greens, berries and vegetables, raised $4M in funding...Read More


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Infarm Raises $170M In Series C Round

Infarm is putting micro-vertical farms in urban locations like supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants, all over Berlin.Read MoreLocally Grown In

Notch Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter keeps your temperature regulated all night

The Notch Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter has so many great features. First, it regulates your temperature so you and your partner stay cool on...

BeGreen raises US$3 million to open more urban farms in Brazil

BeGreen raised funds to open more urban farms in Brazil in order to combat the growing concern of food waste...Read More