DuraPik Reusable Zero-Waste Dental Pick is made of recycled material

DuraPik Reusable Zero-Waste Dental Pick

It is easy to make the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle with the DuraPik Reusable Zero-Waste Dental Pick. In fact, this modern, sleek tool consists of only recycled, surgical-grade stainless steel. So you can say goodbye to your single-use flosser while still keeping your teeth and gums nice and healthy. Thanks to its highly durable design, the DuraPik can easily go in the dishwasher for cleaning. Choose from purple, blue, gold, silver, or charcoal colors to match your bathroom decor. Along with this product, you’ll get DuraFloss, which consists of organic bamboo, organic peppermint oil infusion, and organic candelilla wax coating. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Both the DuraPik and DuraFloss are vegan, turtle-friendly, and great for getting the job done.

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