Jenn Louis

A silky, rich Greek chicken and lemon soup with egg and rice that will warm you up from the inside.

I learned the recipe for this soup from a woman who immigrated to the US from Greece when she was nine. She taught me that whether I chose to shred the cooked chicken in the soup, or serve it on the side, either would be correct. She used skinless chicken or chicken with skin, but would discard the skin after cooking. Her family would use either orzo, rice or pastina, and variations were welcomed.
The soup consistency was always the same, though. She was adamant that the soup should not simmer too hard or have too much liquid because the richness and silkiness would be lost. Traditionally, this recipe was used as a sauce to drape over cooked chicken, instead of being served as a standalone soup. Take gentle care when reheating, as too high a heat will cook the egg in the soup and the silky texture will be lost. More chicken is used to make the broth than is needed for the soup, so save the remaining legs and thighs for another use or double the soup recipe to use all the meat. Traditional garnishes are dill and black pepper.Read More


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