Batoul’s mamoul



Batoul Salman

The aroma of freshly baked mamoul on the morning of Eid are some of my fondest memories growing up.聽 Making this crumbly soft stuffed biscuit with my mother and sisters for our children, family and friends has become a tradition for Eid as it is for many people observing the month of Ramadan.

My mother learnt this from my grandmother and has passed the secret (not so secret) recipe on to me. For this recipe you generally would need moulds and mahlepi spice which you can find at any Middle Eastern grocer. If these are not available where you are located you could switch out the mahlepi spice for cinnamon and as for the moulds you could press the mamoul gently into a sifter or press on it with the back of a fork, both which would give you a beautiful effect.
One of the main ingredients is the ghee (clarified butter) which you can substitute for unsalted butter. With ghee being one of the biggest factors to achieving a crumbly, soft and flavourful biscuit, it鈥檚 really important to make sure it’s top quality. I personally like to use Allowrie animal ghee or Allowrie unsalted butter.
I hope that this recipe becomes a tradition that you one day will associate with the blessed day of Eid with your family and friends.Read More


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