Dadami dip



Dani Valent Hamed Allahyari

“Every Iranian eats sabzi khordan, our famous mixed herb salad. My father took that idea and ran with it: he would chop mint, dill, basil and red onion, mix in some rose petals and fresh chilli, then stir the mixture into the labne. My father is Azeri (of Azerbaijani descent) and dadami means ‘daddy’ in his language. I think this is my number-one dip recipe.”

This dip is very special to me because it’s something my father would make. When I was little, he would travel to the countryside in the north of Iran to visit his sister, my aunty Sara. She lives on a farm and they hardly ever go to the shops – they have cows, a big garden and everything they need, and she makes butter, cheese, yoghurt and labne. When my father returned he always brought a huge 20 kg tub of labne with him. We would eat it with our dinner and have it with bread as a snack, but after a few days we would be sick of it so my father would get creative.Read More


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