Gluten-free flaky pastry



Michael James

I had never made gluten-free pastry before researching for this book, and won’t deny I was wondering how on earth I was going to do it well. After a lot of research and trial and error, I finally have a recipe that tastes good and performs well. 

It can be used to make galettes or pies and is excellent for sausage rolls.
The technique used here is similar to making puff pastry by laminating a butter sheet into the dough. I do four folds to build up layers of butter through the dough. If your dough feels a bit tough when you first start laminating it, use your rolling pin to beat the dough a little to make it more pliable.
One benefit of not having gluten in the dough is that you don’t need to rest it between folds to allow the protein bonds to relax. So once you’ve made the dough and prepared your butter sheet, you can chill them and then do all the folds at once. However, there is a caveat: in a warm kitchen you might find that the butter starts to melt; in this case, cover and refrigerate the dough after a couple of folds to firm up the butter a little.Read More


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