Greens and onion galette with creme fraiche and Comté

Image By Danielle Alvarez, Abstract

I am a sucker for a savoury galette. I also love greens and always have too many in my fridge. I realise that topping a buttery crust with loads of greens doesn’t make this a health food, but I can pretend can’t I?

I do, however, know that even if we are talking about a pie, if you’re able to get loads of nutrient-dense greens into it and make it into something delicious that you can share with friends and family then it is still waaaaaay better for you than anything processed. I like to imagine children would really enjoy this because it also almost looks like pizza, and I know from having a niece and nephew that getting greens into them is a tough one. I’ve not made it for them, but I think they would lap it up.
If you’re making it for adults, serve alongside a shaved radish, fennel and black olive salad with some lemon and olive oil and it’s a perfect vegetarian lunch or dinner. You will need a baking stone for making galettes at home. They are readily available from kitchen supply stores, and I think they’re essential for achieving a crispy base on galettes and pizzas…Read More


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