Gujarati undhiyo

Image By Anjum Anand, Abstract

This is a traditional Gujarati dish and one that every time I eat it, I promise myself to make more of it. I almost want to leave the traditional recipe unchanged and not simplify it for us non-Gujarati cooks, almost… But, I can’t help myself, it is such a wonderful dish that I want to make it as simple as possible to entice everyone to give it a try.

Also known as undhiyu, in the old days in Gujarat it would be made in a huge pot with all the vegetables layered in accordance with their cooking time and cooked really slowly in the garden, so that all the vegetables are cooked to succulent perfection. Normally the vegetables would be slashed at regular intervals the spice paste would be stuffed inside these tight crevasses to flavour the large chunks of vegetables from the inside.
This recipe is fantastic just as it is, part of an Indian meal or even as an accompaniment to a roast dish…Read More


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