Kaho man gai (Thai chicken rice)



Jane Barnes

This is my go-to, family favourite comfort food. I love to take my time making this meal and I think it’s the time taken that adds extra love to the deliciousness.

In Thailand this is served early in the morning, people will stop for a plate on the way to work or kids on the way to school. Our favourite spot for this dish in HuaHin, where we have holidayed as a family for the past 40 years, can be sold out by 11am on busy days. Most travellers through South-East Asia would know this dish well as it’s available in various forms in most countries in the region.
In Singapore they poach the chicken, but the Thais steam it in a big steamer with the water in the bottom pot catching the fat drippings to be made into a delicious broth soup to have with the fatty chicken rice. I always brine my chickens, even when I’m steaming them as I always get a better, juicier result so that works for me. Fresh young ginger is much more subtle than old ginger so I try to use that whenever I can. As with most dishes, the fresher the ingredient, the finer and better the result. The children will just love the chicken and rice served as is with a little kecap manis over the top. Read More


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