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Monday, August 3, 2020

Khichuri (rice and lentils)

Image By Anjum Anand, Abstract

The beauty of this dish is in the combination of the lentils and rice, which gives it a risotto-like consistency and buttery flavour!

Khichuri – also known as khichdi or khichadi –  is a mild rice and lentil dish that is often made for the weak as it is light and nutritious: our version of chicken soup. It can be of a soupy consistency or thick enough to stand your spoon in. For extra texture or a different flavour you can add a few chopped vegetables, or onion or ginger with the cumin (see Note). Use yellow, skinned mung lentils if you prefer. Serve as part of a meal or for pure comfort; serve as it is in large bowls topped with a grinding of pepper, yoghurt and a little lemon pickle, or a drizzle of spiced ghee. Read More


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