Marinated zucchini with walnuts and stracciatella

Image By Julia Busuttil Nishimura, Abstract

Marinated and grilled tender zucchini on a bed of straciatella – a blend of fresh mozzarella and cream – topped with nuts and herbs. When zucchini first appear at the markets, I am thrilled, but after a month or two, I feel like I have used up all of my zucchini-based ideas. I do love zucchini though, so I persevere, knowing they won’t be abundant for much longer. This recipe was inspired in part by a dish I ate in Rome – grilled, finely sliced and marinated zucchini served with mozzarella on top of crostini – and equally inspired by the desire to not give up on the glut of zucchini that summer brings. Here, they’re grilled then marinated, draped over a bed of stracciatella and topped with walnuts…Read More

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