Mini paneer kathi rolls

Image By Anjum Anand, Abstract

I make these often. They’re tasty, everyone loves them and they are easy to throw together. You can also substitute chicken for paneer. If you are in a hurry, you can buy tortilla wraps and cut them in half, but homemade wraps are cheaper and tastier.

Kathi rolls are hot Indian wraps and one of India’s favourite streetfoods. They come in many guises, few of which resemble cold wraps as we know them. I have probably tried more versions, buying them in bustling markets in New Delhi, exchanging money straight from the car window in Mumbai – where they are known as Frankies – and in hotels and homes as streetfood made its way off the street. Different places have their own versions and there are no strict rules: as long as a soft bread with a slight chew envelopes a fresh, hot, tangy filling with red onions for crunch, you are in the right zone and in for a treat. Read More


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