Noor’s Rohingyan beef curry


“Walking without fear”: Noor’s journey to Australia



Noor Azizah

The kitchen is where Rohingyan women made a name for themselves and when it comes to beef curry, my mum is second to none!

A warm, rustic and tantalising meal wasn’t just an everyday occurrence in the household I grew up in. We were forced to leave our home country of Myanmar when I was very young.  We spent a long time trying to reach safety, and we were homeless at times.  We didn’t have the opportunity to sit down as a family and eat hearty or traditional meals.  Instead, we often ate scraps or leftovers. 
When we finally arrived in Sydney in 2003, I had lived a very traumatic life, even though I was only eight years old. This curry was the first meal that my mother cooked when we moved to Australia. We were finally free to celebrate our Rohingyan culture, which my family had not been able to do for over 30 years. Eating Rohingyan food allowed my family to bond over and start our new life in Australia. It meant laughter, warmth and strengthening of family ties. 
Every time my family and I get together now, we share this curry, which makes every event a whole lot tastier.Read More


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