Sally’s famous lentil and vegetable soup




This soup is one of our family recipes, which I still cook now, at Parliament on King. It’s influenced by Indian cuisine. My Mum used to cook it for me when I was younger and it reminds me of happy times with my family. I hope it makes you happy, too.

Sally is originally from Myanmar but now lives in Sydney.  She works at Parliament on King, a social enterprise where people seeking asylum and refugees serve food from their homelands.
Sally says, “I was born to cook – it’s in my blood.  Back home we had a family restaurant and we all loved to cook. No one really taught me how– I just seemed to pick it up along the way.  If I can smell it, I can cook it – and then I can make it even better!
Sometimes, I feel sad.  I miss my family and the restaurant, and the happy times we shared there. But the kitchen is my happy place.  Time flies and you can lose yourself talking, laughing and cooking. When people love my food and it makes them smile, I feel so happy.  I dream of running my own kitchen one day, a little takeaway shop with lovely food.  I’ll be happy and everyone else will, too.  What could be nicer?
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