Witlof tarte tatin

Image By Danielle Alvarez, Abstract

When presented with this idea, the first question most people ask is, ‘Is it sweet?’ or ‘Is it savoury?’ and the answer is, it’s both.

I would, however, not serve this as a dessert. To me, the sweetness mixed with the slight bitterness of the witlof makes this unquestioningly savoury. I would serve it with a leafy green salad with a sharp mustard vinaigrette, maybe with some cornichons and a piece of soft goat’s cheese as a gorgeous lunch. It may look intimidating, but I promise it’s pretty easy. Bake this in a good cast-iron pan, something around 28 cm (11 in) in width. Look for witlof that is still pale yellow; exposure to light will turn witlof green and bitter. This is important to note when storing in your fridge too. Keep it wrapped in a brown paper bag so the light won’t affect it…Read More


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