iFlow touchless faucet is a germ-free solution

Say goodbye to your germ-ridden sink with the iFlow touchless faucet. Because you don’t have to touch the iFlow to turn it on, it keeps your kitchen or bathroom faucet totally germ-free. And it’s pretty cool how this touchless faucet works, too. It starts and stops when you need it to, so it can help you save quite a bit of water because you won’t leave the tap running when you aren’t using it. What’s more, it’s a hydro-powered gadget that gets its energy completely from the water that runs through it. Furthermore, this device displays useful information—like water temperature, flow rate, and usage—on its smart display. So you can set it to release the amount of water you need for a specific meal. This auto-touchless-sensor faucet offers universal adaptability and installs in just moments…Read More


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