Mozu Hanger Earth-Friendly Hangers have an innovative notch that doesn’t stretch collars

Mozu Hanger Earth-Friendly HangersThe Mozu Hanger Earth-Friendly Hangers will take better care of your clothing. In fact, these have an innovative notch that lets you hang and remove your clothes without unbuttoning buttons or stretching collars. Not only that, but these clothing hangers also make it easy to remove shirts with just one hand. So you don’t have to take the hanger off the rack. The great part about the Mozu Hanger design is that they work on everything! Use them for baby clothes, button-down shirts, hoodies, pants, dresses, and more. Made of sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, they consist of 40% wheat straw—a bamboo option may come in the future. With their refined shape and patented design, these earth-friendly hangers will upgrade your closet.

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