nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw is durable for long-lasting use

The nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw has a lofty goal: replace petroleum-based plastics. They鈥檙e attempting this by using bio-based plastics, which may just be the next-generation sustainable material. This new concept, bio-based polypropylene (Bio-PP), creates a durable and reusable drinking straw. With an ergonomic design, this pocket-size gadget is so portable that you can take it anywhere. Simply take its two pieces apart and put it inside the nubox carrying case, and you can easily put it in your pocket. Furthermore, it鈥檚 totally hygienic, too, as the notch-free design contains no hidden parts. So it鈥檚 easy to keep clean at all times. When you鈥檙e ready to take a sip, simply click the two pieces together. Designed with a seven-millimeter inner diameter, the nubo straw works with any beverage…Read More


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