PANGOLIN Series concept backpack has a hemispherical shape

Cyclus Pangolin Series Concept Backpack

You’ve never seen a backpack quite like the Cyclus Pangolin Series concept backpack. This unique bag is great to wear while riding and can even hold your helmet thanks to its one-of-a-kind hemispherical shape. A rough-and-tough design for a true rebel, this concept backpack features recycled tire tubes as its material. This ensures durability. It also means that this bag is gentle on the environment. But the design gems don’t end there. This unique backpack’s armadillo-like bands fold onto each other when the bag opens, making it easy to remove all of your gadgets and essentials. It has a striking design that’s sure to attract a lot of attention. You’ll have the most interesting nature-inspired backpack out there with the PANGOLIN Series concept backpack…Read More


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