Re_ Insect Growing Pod revolutionizes sustainable food

Re_ Insect Growing Pod

Sure, you can grow your own vegetables indoors but can you grow your own source of sustainable protein at home? Re_ Insect Growing Pod empowers you to create your own protein-packed food from your very own home. This product is leading the sustainable food revolution. With a modular design, Re_ includes five trays that you can place anywhere in your home. Each harvest produces 100–300 grams of mealworms, and each mealworm is more than 54% protein. This insect harvester helps you reduce your carbon footprint by growing food at home—from countertop to table! Not only that but growing your protein with this insect growing pod way is also 22,000 times more water efficient than eating beef. Moreover, this product lets you reuse your food waste because mealworms eat fruit and vegetable scraps. Rethink your relationship with food with Re_.

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