Stay hydrated while you travel with this flat stainless steel water bottle

Make carrying a water bottle easier with the memobottle stainless steel water bottle. This flat water bottle fits in your backpack, bag, or even airplane seat pocket like a sheet of paper. That way, it never rolls around, leaking water all over your books and tech.

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Water bottles are useful, but they have one design flaw; a round shape. This allows them to topple over easily in any bag and during any activity. The shape is also bulky; you need quite a large bag just to accommodate your water bottle. But the latest memobottle is different. This flat water bottle has a paper-inspired design, just like the original. And its stainless steel material keeps it durable.

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Fit this water bottle in pretty much any bag

It’s easy to slip a piece of paper into a clutch handbag or your backpack’s front pocket. Fitting your water bottle into the same spaces isn’t so effortless. Luckily, the memobottle is the exact opposite. Its flat design easily fits in smaller bags and next to items you carry each day, like your laptop, smartphone, and other tech gadgets.

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Reduce your use of plastic bottles

It’s happened before. You leave your water bottle at home because it’s too big (and leak prone) to keep in the same bag as your laptop. But, inevitably, around lunchtime you get thirsty. You buy a plastic water bottle at and promise yourself that you’ll bring another bag for your water bottle the next day.

Only you don’t because carrying two bags is a hassle. And the creators of this flat water bottle understand. They hope that an improved water bottle design can make it easier for people to take their own water bottles instead of buying single-use ones.

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Go for a durable design

You won’t have to worry about your memobottle failing you. Its premium food-grade 304 stainless steel material is stain-resistant and durable. Then, a satin-textured finish adds a luxurious touch and doesn’t scratch. Meanwhile, the curved shape, polished mouthpieces, and laser engraving result in a water bottle that looks and feels well-made—because it is.

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Check out the leak-proof metalic lid

One of the biggest hangups of a traditional water bottle is its tendency to leak. With this flat water bottle, however, you won’t have to worry about that. That’s thanks to its leak-proof metallic lid. Once you push the cap on, you can ensure that your documents, passport, and tech are safe during travel. You won’t have to wrap a plastic bag around your water bottle again.

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Meet the entire memobottle range

Best of all, the memobottle range includes four sizes: 8-, 16-, 20-, and 33-ounce capacities. That way, you really can have a water bottle for any bag and any occasion.

The A7 fits in your clutch handbag

The A7 is the smallest water bottle in the series. It’s the ideal water bottle for nights out or more formal events because it fits discretely in clutch handbags. It also works in back pockets and cosmetic bags.

The A6 makes a great workout buddy

Holding 16 oz of water or a sports drink, the A6 is ideal for quickly quenching your thirst. It also fits in a pocket, handbag, or backpack. Overall, it’s a great balance of capacity and size, making it an ideal choice for daily outings.

The A5 keeps you hydrated longer

If you’re looking for a water bottle to accompany you during outdoor adventures or fall trips, go for the A5 flat water bottle; as the largest bottle in the memobottle series, it holds up to 33 ounces of water. That’s about four cups. Messenger bags, larger handbags, tote bags, and backpacks are all great ways to carry them.

The Slim works well in bottle pockets and deeper bags

Taller than the other bottles in the series, the Slim easily fits your backpack’s water bottle pocket. It boasts a more traditional shape but still gives you all the benefits of a flat water bottle. Use it with tote bags, deep bags, and water bottle pockets.

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Keep your stainless steel water bottle clean

Despite its small mouthpiece, the memobottle is actually easy to keep clean thanks to the memobottle cleaning tablets. While the stainless steel stays clean, the company recommends that you wash your flat water bottle using one of its tablets one once a month. They are suitable for both stainless steel and plastic containers.

For a water bottle that fits your life, go for the memobottle stainless steel water bottle. Its shape is unique and convenient to carry. Plus, the wide range of sizes means there’s a water bottle for pretty much any kind of bag or occasion.

The memobottle stainless steel water bottle typically costs $45. You can preorder it for $37 on Kickstarter.

Make carrying a water bottle easier with the memobottle stainless steel water bottle. This flat water bottle fits in your backpack, bag, or even airplane seat pocket like a sheet of paper. That way, it never rolls around, leaking water..Read MoreGadget Flow


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