This ScrubsUp soap case makes your shampoo bar last longer

You know shampoo bars are more environmentally friendly than plastic-bottled shampoo. But have you made the switch yet? Whether you have or haven’t, the ScrubsUp Soap Case will make your shampoo bar last even longer. This durable, reusable case has a vent to air dry your bar after you use it. This makes it so much easier to travel with your shampoo bar without it getting all slimy after your shower. Even though it vents, it also has a leakproof seal so you can keep it in your bag without worrying that moisture will escape. If you have a conditioner bar and a soap bar, add a couple more ScrubsUp cases because they magnetically stack together. Made of recycled plastic, this durable case makes solid shampoo and conditioner the most convenient option, thus helping reduce your environmental impact. Read More


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