Verdandi Solar-Powered Watch has a gorgeous Scandinavian design

Verdandi Solar-Powered Watches

Take technology and design to the next level with the Verdandi Solar-Powered Watch. In fact, this timepiece has a stunning Scandinavian design. Drawing its name from Norse mythology, Verdandi is named after a goddess of faith and the present time. Additionally, the logo design has a simple hourglass with a line through the center to represent the current moment. Moreover, it runs on solar power, making this a truly eco-friendly gadget. The Verdandi watch needs just two hours of sunlight for up to six months of runtime. Yep, you read that right. Six. Months. So itā€™s okay if you live in a place that doesnā€™t get much sunlight all winterā€”the Verdandi will keep going. Altogether, this watch has 10 years of battery life. Though itā€™ll last a decade, the Verdandi will remind you to seize the present moment. Read More


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