Weetbe Osaka transparent mask has both a fan and a screen

The Weetbe Osaka transparent mask combines health, safety, and visual communication into one useful product. With a clear design, it offers 98.35% air filtration gills. Sealed with hypoallergenic and comfortably soft TPU material, this mask won’t irritate your skin. Furthermore, it uses three Proveil bactericidal-certified biodegradable filters that protect you and others around you. Choose to add the optional fan to feel the cool air and improve breathability. Or add the transparent face shield for additional eye protection. Available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—the Weetbe Osaka adjusts to fit every face. Totally reusable, washable, and sustainable, it ensures you produce much less waste than when using disposable masks. What’s more, this transparent mask ensures you can still share the emotions on your face with friends and family. Visual communication is so important, and the Weetbe Osaka won’t let you miss out…Read More


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