7 Must-have Items in 2020 for Safe and Sustainable Travel

Photo by STIL
Photo by STIL

The coronavirus has impacted travelers all over the world since it hit at the beginning of 2020. As a result, it has made even the bravest travelers a little more cautious when considering the prospect of travelling this summer. Nevertheless, whether you’ll be enjoying your summer vacation at a nearby park or by going abroad to take a well-deserved break from working from home, you shouldn’t forget about traveling sustainably and reducing your footprint while continuing to stay safe. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the right products you’ll need to keep yourself and others around you corona-safe, while making sure you have all of the sustainable summer must-haves. Here you can find 7 tips and items to prepare you while you’re on the move:Read More

For more information about sustainable tourism, reach out to Sea Going Green today to see how you can reduce your environmental footprint and boost your brand at the same time!


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