Costa Rica: A Sustainable Tourism Paradise


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As the world adopts a greener attitude, we, as humans, are discovering ways in which we can act more sustainably from reducing our carbon footprint to choosing to sustainable travel options when planning a vacation.

If you are looking for a sustainable travel paradise, Costa Rica has everything to offer from sustainable accommodations to unforgettable nature experiences.

In this blog, we’ve included some of the most interesting and bucket list-worthy sustainable tourism activities. Let’s dive in!

Stay at An Eco-friendly Resort

If you’re planning ecotourism travel to Costa Rica, the first thing you want to do is find eco-friendly accommodation options. Fortunately, Costa Rica has no shortage of eco-friendly resorts and hotels. This is largely due to the local government has establishing strict and effective environmental regulations to ensure that all resorts in the country operate with minimum impact on the environment.

For instance, accommodations have to recycle some of their waste and follow the proper guidelines for waste disposal. They also typically provide food from local organic produce and make use of energy-saving devices. If you really want to immerse yourself in ecotourism activities, you can find resorts located in remote areas, where the power comes from solar and wind energy. These resorts are also nestled in nature, so you’ll have easy access to the outdoors, where all sorts of fun activities await you.

Visit Nature Parks

Costa Rica has an abundance of nature parks, and many are known to be some of the most beautiful parks in the world. For instance, when you look at the most visited nature parks in the country, you’ll discover popular nature parks like Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero National Park, and Isla del Coco (Cocos Island). Manuel Antonio National Park is home to a tropical rainforest teeming with diverse wildlife that includes many mammal and bird species.

The nature park also features white sand beaches and coral reefs, so you can never run out of things to explore. Then there’s Cocos island, a fascinating, uninhibited oceanic island and nature park that’s protected to preserve the island’s endemic species. The island’s main attraction is the underwater world, which makes for an exhilarating scuba diving experience.

Last but not least, there’s Tortuguero National Park, which is accessible only via air and water and has a tropical climate that suits its numerous rainforests, mangrove forests, lagoons, and beaches. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but one thing is certain – Costa Rica’s nature parks have a wealth of eco-friendly activities to offer.

Check Out the Local Farms

Touring the local farms in Costa Rica is one of the most interesting ecotourism activities you can do. You’ll find it enlightening to learn about how the local farmers grow their own organic produce. You’ll be able to walk through vibrant and green fields. You can even get first-hand experience where you can volunteer to participate in some of the activities. For instance, you can take the tractor for a spin in the fields or milk cows in the morning.

But, perhaps the most intriguing experience is the farm-to-table experience where you eat the locally grown food to get a better understanding of where food comes from and how to eat sustainably. It’s also great that participating in these activities helps support local farmers, so they can continue with their sustainable activities.

Enjoy Hot Springs and Volcanoes

If you enjoy the thrill of hot temperatures, then you’ll enjoy taking a soak in a hot spring or visiting volcanoes. Costa Rica’s hot springs are particularly handy after a long day of hiking and other exploration. You can still relax without losing touch with nature. Speaking of relaxing, there are many professional spa treatments designed to soothe your tired muscles and refresh you, such as body massages, mud masks, and facials.

It’s not every day that you can get up close and personal with an active volcano, but Costa Rica has several of them, and you don’t want to miss seeing them in action as they spew smoke and ash high up in the air.

These are just some of the top ecotourism activities you can do when you travel to Costa Rica. The truth is, you’ll never get bored between touring coffee plantations, hiking through rainforests, and sampling the local food, plus more. Through sustainable traveling, you can give back to the planet while recharging your batteries and taking time away from the humdrum of busy life.

Sea Going Green is a sustainable tourism consultancy working with both public and private sector clients to develop strategies to enhance social and environmental sustainability at the business and destination level.

Looking to develop sustainable activities to differentiate your business or destination? Get in touch.

 Costa Rica is one of the most well-known sustainable tourism destinations
on earth. In this blog, we’ve highlighted the top eco-friendly and bucket
list-worthy activities that await you on your next trip!Read MoreDestination NewsBlog – Sea Going Green


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