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Oceans across the world face significant challenges, including mass pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction. 

Conservation efforts are of critical importance, as our oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and produce most of our oxygen, so it’s only right we do our part in taking better care of them and restoring their health. 

When it comes to fundraising, the opportunities are endless and can be catered to suit each cause. Whether you’re part of a dedicated organization or a local business wanting to do its part, you can make a difference through your event or campaign. 

We’ve suggested ten innovative fundraising ideas for ocean conservation, from fun events to educational initiatives. 

Eco-Friendly Pop Up

Host a pop-up along the beachside selling eco-friendly and ocean-themed products like reusable water bottles, reef-safe sunscreen, and jewelry. 

The profits can be directed towards conservation efforts, and the products themselves can do a great job of raising awareness, especially merchandise like trendy clothing and tote bags. 

Work with local suppliers who use sustainable materials to support the local economy while cutting transport emissions. You can even partner with established clothing stores to release a custom line. 

Beach Cleanups

Organize community cleanups at your local beach and approach businesses to sponsor the event. They can pledge a specific sum of money tied to the amount of trash collected or the time spent on the cleanup. 

You could also encourage individual participants to enlist sponsors to pledge money for every piece of trash they collect. Businesses can also sponsor cleanup supplies like trash bags and clean-up sticks. 

A beach cleanup is a great way to raise funds for conservation while encouraging each person to do their part in keeping the ocean clean. It’s also a great way to build community—after the cleanup, host beach day activities like volleyball and paddling. 

Ocean-Themed Art Exhibition

An art exhibition is a great way to raise awareness while shining a light on local talent. Your exhibition can feature marine-inspired works, from beautiful ocean scapes to portraits of sea creatures. Art has the potential to inspire emotion and action, and a beautiful piece might give viewers a renewed appreciation for the ocean. 

You can charge an entrance fee and auction off the pieces, using the proceeds to support ocean conservation projects. You can also sell pamphlets explaining the meaning behind each work and the significance of the seas. 

Collaboration with Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses that share a commitment to sustainability and ocean conservation. You can run a campaign or joint promotion where a portion of sales from specific products goes to conservation projects. 

You can also encourage them to stock your fundraising merchandise and keep donation tins at their cash registers or front desks. 

Surf Competition

Surfing is not just a sport; it’s a way of connecting with nature, particularly the ocean. 

A surfing competition is a fantastic platform for raising funds and awareness for ocean conservation. You can make ocean conservation a central theme of the event with information booths and displays that highlight the importance of marine ecosystems, the challenges they face, and what can be done to address those issues. 

When you ask participants to pay a registration fee, they’ll be happy to know where their money is going. You can collaborate with local surf shops that could provide sponsorships and prizes and help with organizing.  

Ocean Conservation Workshops

Host educational workshops and webinars about ocean conservation, discussing topics such as sustainable fishing and plastic reduction. 

The fees for these classes can go directly towards conservation efforts, so participants gain valuable knowledge while supporting a crucial cause. 

Beach Run

A fun run is a tried and tested way of raising funds for charity, so why not host it at the beach? 

Many fitness enthusiasts value their runs on the beach as they require extra effort due to the added resistance of the sand. But a beach fun run can welcome a diverse range of participants of all fitness levels, with shorter distances for beginners and longer ones for seasoned athletes. 

Participants pay a registration fee to join the run and receive a certificate on completion; all proceeds go to a conservation initiative of your choice. 

Sandcastle Competition 

Put the fun in fundraising with an event geared towards the younger generation. While children might not understand the ecology behind conservation efforts, they can still have a profound love for the ocean and its beaches. 

Start their marine education early by hosting a sandcastle competition for kids. Parents can pay a participation fee on behalf of their little ones, and prizes can be educational—from trips to the aquarium to marine life plushies with information on their habitat. 

You can host additional kid-friendly activities during the event; under their parent’s supervision, encourage them to explore the tidal pools and identify different signs of life. You can also encourage them to collect seashells and facilitate a workshop on how to make jewelry and chimes. 

Beach Picnic

This kind of event brings in a large crowd of people who will appreciate the beauty of the ocean and its beaches. You can create an event and advertise it on social media, encouraging people to come and picnic at the beach. 

You raise funds by offering pre-packed picnic baskets; these can include plant-based meals and treats to promote sustainability. To boost awareness of conservation efforts, include informational pamphlets in the picnic baskets; attendees can read through these at their leisure while they picnic. 

Use Tech To Encourage Donations

So far, all our ideas included in-person interactions. However, there are plenty of people who want to support ocean conservation but may not be able to attend fundraisers in person. To ensure that everyone can donate to a good cause, you can use tech to your advantage.

Scannable QR codes, an account that accepts e-transfers from anywhere in the world, a Donate Now button that links to your fundraising account on your webpage, and a PayPal account all make it quick and easy for people to donate to your cause. You can even start a crowdfunding page for specific fundraising initiatives, too. 

Saving The Seas Together

When it comes to fundraisers for ocean conservation, everyone can get involved. By embracing our range of innovative ideas, you can generate funds for critical conservation projects while fostering a sense of community and raising awareness for the cause. 

Remember to plan ahead by getting all necessary permits and permissions for beach-related activities and discuss these events with local lifeguards to ensure everyone stays safe. 

Sea Going Green is a sustainable tourism consultancy with a mission to alleviate the negative impacts that tourism activities are having on the marine environment.

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